Is your teen newly licensed? Read this first!

Your teenager just passed their test to get their driver's license! All of you are excited and maybe…just a little nervous too. When your children get their driver's license it is one of those major steps to adulthood for so many. You remember when you turned 16 and got your license. The first thing you wanted to do was go home and borrow Mom and Dad's car. You thought that you would be able to get the car whenever you wanted. Wrong! You always had to ask Dad for the car, answer a bunch of questions and even when you asked, you did not always get it. Or if you got to drive one of the vehicles it was always the old jalopy or the “family car”. Nothing cool. Oh…how you wished for your own set of wheels.

If you are determined to help your teen get into their own vehicle, you have a few good reasons for this. You want to teach them the responsibility that goes along with getting their driver's license. You want them to know the cost and care that goes into owning a car. That includes the searching for the car, test driving the vehicles, bargaining for the cost of the car, the cost of repairs, and gas. Not to mention, (in the back of your mind) you would prefer that they not be driving your vehicle all the time.

This is going to be fun! You both love cars! You both know a lot about cars. You are familiar with all the different makes and models, engine sizes, cylinders and all the special frills that go along with them. The two of you set out to do your shopping. You have several stops to make.

Ah….you both see it. A little sporty car. It's one of the vehicles on the wish list. The color is perfect, the price is right and your son/daughter looks so good in it! You guys are ready to buy.

BUT... did you check on the cost of insurance?

Before you make the commitment, before you buy the car, call your insurance broker. You have done your diligent homework for everything else. You should do it for the vehicle insurance too.

Inexperienced licensed drivers will pay more for insurance. In New Brunswick, you could be 16 or 40; if you are newly licensed, you will be rated the same. Age is no longer a factor in rating auto insurance in N.B.

Inexperienced drivers are at a higher risk to be involved in accidents simply because they have not gained the actual driving experience. People who take approved drivers training courses, receive a discount on auto insurance. These courses can be somewhat expensive, but, if you are newly licensed and you plan on getting a vehicle soon it is worth it. There can be a significant savings on auto insurance costs. When you speak with your insurance broker at Pearson Insurance, we can explain and work out the difference in pricing with and without drivers training.

Another important factor with the pricing of insurance is the type of vehicle. Right off we all suspect the sporty vehicles will cost more and certainly can, but, some smaller makes and models of cars, SUV's and trucks can also generate higher insurance costs.

When you have narrowed down the type of vehicle(s)you are looking at, call Pearson Insurance. We can work out a quote. We can also work out a different quote for several vehicles if you wish. Doing this will allow you to know before you make the commitment what the cost is for the insurance. Don't buy a car only to find out that everything is affordable except the car insurance. We have seen that happen. Help your teen start the passage into owning a vehicle on the right foot.

Call Pearson Insurance.

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