Are you moving? Here are a few things you should know.

Whether you are moving out of the province or within your province, very similar guidelines regarding your auto and property insurance apply.

Are your renting a vehicle to move your property?

Are you renting a truck to move yourself? If so, the rental agencies can provide the automobile insurance for you at a cost. However, you should check with your insurance broker. Depending on your coverage and the size of the vehicle you are renting, your current auto policy may already include coverage. If it does not already have the coverage you need, you may be able to add the insurance coverage, to your own policy, and most often at a cheaper rate. By checking with both the rental agency, and with your broker, you will have the peace of mind that if an accident should occur, you will be protected with the right coverage.

Now you have moved into your new location.

There are many things to do once you have moved into your new location. You will need to update many things, including your automobile, home or tenant insurance policy.

If you have moved from one province to another, it is important to know that each province has its own set of laws, statutes, regulations, rules and rates. Your current Insurance Company and your Insurance Broker may not be licensed to do business in the province that you have moved to. By checking with your current insurance provider, they will be able to let you know. At that point you may need to find a new broker in your area. Dealing with a local broker who is familiar with the area, can have many advantages.

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If you own a home, and have sold it, you will need to keep insurance coverage in place until at least your closing date. Most people don't realize that their home insurance policy can actually cover property in transit to your new location for a specified period of time. Check with your broker or insurance provider, as property in transit is usually included in your property policy, and when moving, it is an important coverage to have.

If you are buying a new home, there usually is a lawyer or a financial institution involved to get the paperwork and legalities completed. Often, they will require proof of insurance prior to your closing date. Sometimes, even if you rent, the landlords will want proof of insurance as part of your lease agreement. These are details your insurance broker will be familiar with and can easily assist you.

Sometimes, there could be a period of time where you are living with family or friends and you have to store most of your property. You will need to check with your insurance provider to see if your existing policy could cover your property for that period of time. If the policy you have is not be able to provide coverage while in storage, then there is the option to purchase a separate policy for those items.

Car or Automobile Insurance

Your vehicle insurance is valid across our country. When you move there is a time frame that you will need to be aware of. Check with your broker and find out how long you have before you have to arrange for insurance at your new location.

One Insurance Source

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