Graduating from College or University Soon!

What types or kinds of insurance should a recent college or university graduate need to know about?

So, you have recently graduated from college or university. Congratulations! For most of you that marks some significant changes for your working environment, money management, accommodations and possessions. When you move forward with your careers and life, you will need to find insurance and a reputable, good, reasonably priced insurance broker or advisor. The usual, immediate types of insurance that recent grads look for are auto/car insurance and home or tenants insurance.

  1. Auto Insurance
  2. Renter's or Tenant Insurance

Auto Insurance

When you were attending college/university it is very common for you to be insured under your parent's policy. However, when you become the owner of your own vehicle, you need to buy your own automobile insurance policy.

Car Insurance for a grad may differ significantly than that of your parents. They may be able to carry a higher deductible as they are more financially able to. They may not need to carry as much coverage as you would need, or they may carry higher limits of insurance. That is why you need to contact Pearson Insurance. Since we are an Insurance brokerage, we represent a large number of companies. What that means to you is more options and choices in pricing and coverage.

The brokers at Pearson Insurance do the shopping for you. You have a team of people who can make sure you get the discounts you deserve and you can be advised of the options available to you. We will make sure you will get the best advice for your auto insurance protection, for the least amount of money.

Renter's or Tenant Insurance

Now you have for own very first apartment! It is permanent now, you are not moving back to your parent's home after graduating. Over the years you have accumulated a few things like:

  • TV
  • cell phone
  • ipad
  • computer
  • furniture
  • bedding
  • dishes
  • and the list goes on...

You take a look around your apartment and you think, I do not have much to replace. YOU need to rethink that. Do you know how much it would cost to replace what you have, at today's current prices? It is very common for most of us to under value or under estimate the cost to replace our possessions.

Let's look at this very real scenario. So, you have just moved in. You are settled in your apartment, you are settled in your new job. Everything is going just great! Life is wonderful. Then one day at work you get a phone call. Your apartment building is on fire! Later, which feels like days, you find out that even with all the hard work of the fire departments, they were not able to save any of your belongings.

Did you call Pearson insurance to arrange for your tenants or renters insurance? This is the policy that wold cover your possessions.

When you arrange for this type of coverage, you choose a limit that should replace your belongings in the event that you lose everything in the apartment. When most people get to this stage, many think "I don't own that much". I don't own the appliances, and I do not own the building. If the damage is not my fault the landlord with replace my things. True, the landlord does own the building and he would own the appliances, but, he does not own your possessions, nor is he responsible to replace them for you. That is why you need to protect your own property.

The cost of a tenant's policy could be as low as $12.00 per month.

So look around you're apartment. You own all of your clothes, your furniture, the small appliances for your kitchen, all the kitchen gadgets, silverware, food, linens, towels and the list can go on and on. Since all was lost in the fire, all would need to be replaced. That is the major part of a tenants or renters insurance policy. I know many of us have either caught the news, or heard of someone that suffered an apartment fire and did not have any insurance. They now need to rely on volunteer organizations, family and or friends to help rebuild their lives.

Don't get caught in that situation! Contact Pearson Insurance to get a quote for your tenant's insurance policy at (506) 432-1550 or (800) 260-2277.

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When you make the transition from college to "real-life," everything changes.

Now you're responsible for protecting yourself and your family....

Your choices are difficult and you need an expert on your side. Don't fool yourself and pretend you know insurance. It can be complicated business. Plus, your needs can constantly change as your life changes.

Work with someone who specializes in College Graduates. Contact us at Pearson Insurance in Sussex, NB today.

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