Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel and Camper Insurance in New Brunswick

Travel Trailer InsuranceGood travel trailer insurance is the key ingredient for your peace of mind whether your 5th wheel or trailer is on the road, parked on a site or in storage.

But did you know that you can buy different types of coverage, each offering different levels of protection? So…. how do you know you've got the best coverage that fits both your needs and your pocket book?

The answer is right here at Pearson Insurance in Sussex. Our experts can help you identify the right level of travel trailer insurance, tailor a policy that's just right for you, and then arrange your protection at some of the most competitive rates available in New Brunswick.

In fact, we've been doing just that for all types of insurance protection across the province for more than 80 years.

Do I Really Need Insurance on my Travel Trailer?

Travel trailers can be a big investment, I know I would like the peace of mind knowing I am covered. But…that is a decision that is for you to make and, at Pearson Insurance, we can discuss that with you.

Do you need coverage? That depends on a few factors such as:

  • how and where it is used
  • do you have a loan for it
  • how and where it's used
  • Is it set up somewhere that requires you to have coverage on your unit
  • If you lost your trailer to a fire, or someone stole it from you, would you want to be compensated for it?

Everyone has their own reasons for buying insurance coverage, so your wants and your needs are unique to you. That is why it is very important for you to discuss all your options to protect you and your property with your insurance broker.

5th wheel insuranceFor instance, a couple of common questions we receive is this. "Is my travel trailer covered by my car insurance?" or "Does my property insurance cover my trailer and the contents of my travel trailer?" or What if it is stored in my garage, and my garage burned. Is it covered under the insurance on my garage or the insurance on my home?"

The answer to that also depends on the type of auto or property insurance you already have and what you and your insurance broker have discussed and put in place.

But unless your policy specifically includes travel trailer insurance by name, then if there was any type of coverage there, the level and scope of coverage is likely to be limited and probably won't cover full replacement costs.

For instance, you may have auto policy liability coverage that protects against the costs of damage or bodily injury your trailer causes to others while towing it, but doesn’t provide any coverage for the trailer itself.

However, travel trailer insurance can be added as an extension or endorsement to your auto policy, it can be added to some home policies and can also be a policy by itself.

For total coverage, though, many owners opt for a separate, standalone policy because this offers the widest scope and most flexible type of coverage.

If you're not certain what type of protection you need, the experts at Pearson Insurance can quickly advise you.

What Does Travel Trailer Insurance Cover?

Camper InsuranceWe can arrange top quality coverage for all types of travel trailers -- traditional towed trailers, articulated campers, 5th wheels, pop-up tent trailers and more. We can also arrange RV and motor home coverage, though insurance requirements differ for motorized vehicles.

Your customized travel trailer insurance can be built around a number of options, such as:

  • Liability coverage for accidents caused by your trailer
  • Campsite liability coverage including the costs of injuries caused to people while visiting your trailer
  • Full repair or replacement cost for your trailer when you're involved in an accident. This can be based on either the trailer's current value or the cost of a brand new replacement.
  • Coverage if your trailer is lost, damaged or destroyed in a non-crash incident such as a fire, theft or windstorm.
  • Full replacement costs for accessories such as awnings and TV dishes and/or contents that are lost, stolen or otherwise damaged
  • Towing and roadside assistance
  • Emergency coverage to get you back home or continue your vacation after a breakdown or accident.

How Can I Save Money on my New Brunswick Travel Trailer Insurance?

As an independent broker, Pearson Insurance work with a number of travel trailer insurers, so we can shop around for the best rates and the best coverage for our clients.

Our travel trailer insurance experts also may be able to secure attractive discounts if, for example:

  • You only want seasonal coverage
  • You have more than one insurance policy with the same company
  • You have evidence of secure storage
  • You agree to a higher deductible -- the amount you pay before your insurance policy kicks in.

In other words, we do everything we can to get the best coverage for our clients at highly competitive rates.

How Much? Find Out for Free Now

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