New Brunswick Snowmobile Insurance Solutions For You

snowmobile insuranceSnowmobile insurance in New Brunswick isn't just a matter of sound common sense. It's the law. And you're in the right place to answer both of those needs here.

At the last count, we had more than 7,500 snowmobile registrations in the province and -- as the snowiest of the Maritime Provinces -- some of the best trails in the region.

But, while snowmobiling may be fun, it's also a high-risk pastime. Responsible owners understand the importance of being financially protected against those risks.

But knowing exactly what coverage is needed calls for a combination of insurance expertise, local knowledge, and a solid reputation for quality and service.

That's why NB snowmobile owners turn to the professionals at Pearson Insurance for the protection and support they need.

We've been meeting insurance needs in the province for more than 80 years -- and we have the expertise and the experience to help you.

What Does Snowmobile Insurance Cover in New Brunswick?

That depends on the coverage you select -- with our help, of course.

snowmobile insuranceFirst, there's the mandatory requirement. People often ask is snowmobile insurance required. It is. Driving a snowmobile without insurance in New Brunswick is illegal and can leave you facing a large fine.

Compulsory coverage is the same as that for insuring your car. You will need your liability, and the other compulsory coverages that go along with it. This protects you against claims for property damage or bodily injury that you cause to others.

In addition, you can buy collision insurance, which covers repair or replacement to your vehicle if you collide with another snowmobile, or item. You can also choose comprehensive coverage for protection if it's damaged by fire, by theft or vandalism.

Your Questions Answered

What is the average cost of snowmobile insurance?

This can vary considerably depending on factors like the scope of your coverage as explained above, the type of snowmobile you have and the value of the unit.

Pearson Insurance deals with all the major snowmobile insurance companies for New Brunswick, so we can secure the protection you need at the best possible price.

You can also insure multiple snowmobiles and riders on a single policy or some companies will even add your snowmobile to an existing auto insurance policy. The only way you will find out is to call us to see what your options are.

What type of vehicles can you insure?

We can protect both your snowmobiles and tow trailers.

What documents do I need when snowmobiling?

You need to carry proof of insurance, your license, your registration and a trail pass if you have one.

Are There Other Legal Requirements?

Yes. You must wear an approved helmet when riding. Lights and mufflers must comply with NB regulations.

Snowmobiles must be registered every year and the registration card displayed on the snow flap. You should also display your trail pass where appropriate. Always have your insurance card ready to prove you have insurance.

Why You Should Act Now

When you insure your snowmobile through Pearson Insurance, you gain the benefits of working with a local broker who's right here to answer your questions and provide the support you need -- for example, if you have to make a claim.

We know the snowmobile insurance marketplace, so we can secure the coverage you need to meet your budget.

Find out right now how we can help you with your New Brunswick snowmobile insurance by using our free, no obligation quotation service. Simply contact us via this page, by email or phone. We'll find the solution you're looking for.