Sussex Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance

They Want More Because You Have More

In our society, three things work against you:

  • It cost nothing to initiate a lawsuit
  • Judges and juries judges are unpredictable
  • Defending yourself against a law suit costs enormous sums of money

One other factor also comes into play. They want more because you have it.  You worked hard as hard as you have and you accumulated possessions. Not an ostentatious amount, but enough to make you and your loved ones comfortable.

You are proud of these accomplishments. In fact, you have protected them with the best insurance you could.

Now you need extra protection, an umbrella insurance policy.

What are your limits on your auto and home liability policies? $1,000,000.? $2,000,000?  It may not be enough.

You get into an auto accident; someone falls into your pool; whatever the unfortunate occurrence—you can be sued. What if you are sued and the award goes to the plaintiff? Okay, you say, the insurance will cover it. But what if the amount is over your policy limits? (That happens, especially if you have nice things.)

How will you pay the judgment?  Can you actually lose all you have strived for?  It can happen.

You need protection that will rev up after your other policy limits are exhausted. You need an umbrella insurance policy.

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