New Brunswick Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle InsuranceWhether you're a seasoned, long-term motorcyclist or a newbie, whether you ride for seasonal leisure and pleasure or as your main form of daily transport, you must be sure that you're fully protected with the best motorcycle insurance.

There are more than 20,000 registered motorcycles on the roads of New Brunswick, with plenty of room to roam. If you're one of them, you can make the most of it with the peace of mind that insurance protection brings.

When you want to be certain that you have the best coverage that complies with legal requirements and offers other flexible options, it'll pay to search with Pearson Insurance.

Understanding Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance in New Brunswick is not unlike regular auto insurance, covering the same types of risks.

Basic protection, which is required by law, is usually referred to as mandatory motorcycle insurance and covers:

  • Liability protection if you harm others and/or their property/vehicle in an accident.
  • Medical benefits including rehabilitation costs and loss of income coverage.
  • Damage to your motorcycle if another insured motorcyclist causes the accident (this is known as Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD).

In addition, you can select a higher level of protection with options like:

  • Under insured driver coverage, for when the other person is at fault but does not carry a sufficient liability limit.
  • Comprehensive insurance, protecting you against theft or damage not caused by a collision but by something else such as a falling object or fire and theft.
  • Collision insurance, which provides coverage for repair or replacement of your motorcycle after an accident you have been found at fault in.

Comprehensive and collision insurance can also be combined into a single option known as all perils insurance.

Your policy will include a deductible -- an amount the insurer expects you to pay out of your own pocket first, before their payment kicks in.

Your Motorcycle Insurance Questions Answered

We're here to answer all your questions about the best motorcycle insurance. Here are a few of the ones we get asked most often:

  • Do you need motorcycle insurance?
    Yes, you must carry liability insurance as it is mandatory coverage.

  • Can I get motorcycle insurance for 6 months? 
    Perhaps. Some insurers will allow short-term or temporary coverage for seasonal motorcyclists. But remember, even if your bike is in storage, you may want to keep it insured for fire and theft.
  • Can you combine car and motorcycle insurance?
    Yes, and it will likely deliver a significant saving.
  • Should I get comprehensive motorcycle insurance?
    Maybe. This will depend on the value of your bike and, of course, on your budget. Owners of low-value motorcycles may feel the extra premium for comprehensive insurance is not worth it. We'll discuss the pros and cons with you.
  • How can I save on my insurance premium?
    Combining policies with the same insurer, agreeing to a higher deductible, having a longstanding safe-rider record, may all help to reduce your premium or cost of your policy. Furthermore, because we work with multiple insurers (who often charge different rates for the same coverage) we can identify the most competitive rates.

Why Pearson Insurance Should Be your First Stop

Motorcycle InsuranceWe’ve been insuring riders, drivers and owners in Sussex, NB, for more than 80 years. As independent brokers, we work with many leading insurers, which enables us to secure the right coverage for your needs at a competitive, affordable price.

You don’t need to do the shopping around for a great deal. We do that for you.

We have a team of trusted motorcycle insurance experts who are here to advise you, secure the best deal, and support you if you ever need to make a claim.

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