Sussex High Value Home Insurance

Many people underestimate the cost to replace their home.  Some people have been unfortunate and found out the cost after they suffer a loss such as fire.   At Pearson Insurance we take the time to collect the details of your home, put those details through a guide that  helps evaluate what the rebuilding cost should be.  This enables our brokers to make sure you carry the proper amount of coverage on your home.    If you are like most people, your home is your largest investment.  You have worked hard to build or buy your home and you need to protect it.

There are many types of home insurance policies, all having various coverage and limits.  There are companies that now offer certain policies that have been developed for those homes where the rebuilding cost is $500,000 or more.  These policies come with some extra features and benefits.    

Some of the benefits include:

  • You do not have to build on the same site or location.
  • You do not have to rebuild the exact same home if you do not want to,  Maybe you want to downsize?  You can.
  • You can accept a cash settlement for the loss of your contents.  You do not have to replace them.
  • You can accept a cash settlement for your home on replacement cost basis.

Those are the major benefits that are included in most of the high value homeowners insurance policies.   Contact a broker at Pearson Insurance and we can discuss the many other benefits of home insurance particular to your situation. 

You'll be surprised how affordable it is to cover your home, which includes your contents, with a Pearson Insurance high value home policy.  Don't delay, either call us at 506-432-1550 or fill in an online request for a broker to contact you!