Classic - Antique Car Insurance Coverage in New Brunswick

Are you passionate about classic cars? If so, you'll want someone who's as passionate as you are about protecting them.

That would be Pearson Insurance. We've been insuring Sussex car owners since the days when today's collector cars first hit the roads of New Brunswick.

And with that timespan of experience and expertise, the Pearson team are the people you can count on to protect your cherished vehicles.

What is Classic Car Insurance?

Classic or collector car insurance is a highly specialized type of coverage for the driving, transportation and display of automobiles dating backwards from the 1980s.

There's no universal definition of a "classic" but insurers generally agree they should be at least 15 to 25 years old, with older ones, especially those over 50, usually labeled as antiques.

Some newer, limited-production, reproduction or very low mileage vehicles may be included too.

By definition, classic car insurance includes antique cars or vintage cars, as well as vintage motorcycles fitting into the same age ranges.

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

Because classic cars may be used for different purposes, from regular driving (highly unusual) through parades to event-only exhibiting, insurance coverage for these vehicles is generally customized according to need.

However, with a few exceptions, your collector car can be protected for the same risks as a standard auto -- that is to say, liability, comprehensive, collision and the uninsured driver coverage.

The big difference lies in protecting the value of classic and antique autos, which, unlike most cars, increases over time instead of falling.

Likewise, replacement parts, especially originals, are more expensive and so are the specialist labor skills required for the repairs.

And cars that are used mainly for display at exhibitions and shows are subject to different damage risks than those driving our highways.

Customizing Your Classic Automobile Insurance

Taking account of these differences, the collectible vehicle experts at Pearson’s can customize a policy according to your needs. This would include the liability, collision and comprehensive risks previously mentioned, plus some of the following options:

  • An agreed limit on annual mileage.
  • Coverage for towing trailers.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • The cost of original or custom-made replacement parts.
  • Unattended vehicles coverage, for when your classic or antique auto is on display while you're not around.
  • Agreed value coverage -- a figure agreed in advance with the insurance company that will be paid out in full, without depreciation, if the vehicle is declared a total loss. This can and should be reviewed each year.
  • Insurance protection even while a vehicle is undergoing restoration.
  • Special coverage for displaying your vehicle in Canada or the US.

The Pearson team may also be able to secure discounts on your classic vehicle insurance -- for example, if it is securely stored in a garage or locked compound or if you insure more than one classic car with the same company.

Why Pearson Insurance is Your NB Classic Car Insurance Solution

In Sussex and surrounding areas, Pearson Insurance are your go-to brokers to arrange the classic car coverage you need.

We have the experience that owners expect and, as an independent broker, we work with multiple insurers to secure highly competitive rates.

As a local, on-the-ground broker, we're also here to provide advice, answer questions and give support if or when you need to make a claim.

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