The Best Solution for Your New Brunswick Boat Insurance

When it comes to insuring your watercraft, there's a big difference between Canada's legal requirements and your wise conduct.

So, while pleasure boat insurance is not legally required in Canada (but you do need a Pleasure Craft Operators Card -- PCOC), it is sheer common sense to invest a relatively small sum to protect the big investment that a boat often represents.

There are enough boating accidents in our province every year to answer the question "Do I need boat insurance?" You bet.

But when you buy marine and boat insurance coverage, you want to be sure you have the right protection for your watercraft and that you're getting the best value.

That's why owners in Sussex and surrounding NB communities have relied on Pearson Insurance for more than 80 years to provide the protection they need.

Here’s why our boat insurance experts, our links with all the leading insurers and our friendly client service are all you need to get the best deal:

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance Explained

Watercraft insurance has developed over the years to meet the wide range of needs of boater’s.

So, the first thing you need is to have is a custom plan, tailored specially for you and your boat. That's what we do at Pearson Insurance!

Second, if you use a small non-powered craft like a canoe or kayak, you most likely already have the coverage you need in your home insurance policy -- or it can be added. Check with us to find out.

For all the rest -- from sailboats, fishing vessels and cruisers to dinghies and personal water "bikes" like Sea-Doo’s -- there's boat insurance.

boat insuranceWhat Does Boat Insurance Cover?

The key parts of a good boat insurance policy protect you, your passengers, your vessel, other vessels and other users.

Typical options would include:

  • Boat liability insurance to protect you against claims from others for injury or damage that you or your craft cause. This can also include defence costs and salvage fees.
  •  All-risk coverage for damage to or loss of your boat, equipment and property, including personal possessions. It can also cover damage caused to your vessel by another at-fault boater who isn’t adequately insured. Trailers can also be insured.
  • Coverage while your vessel is out of the water, or in storage.
  • Medical costs relating to incidents and accidents aboard your boat.
  • More options such as providing a replacement boat while yours is being repaired, emergency towing, watersports liability, land transportation and even roadside assistance when you're on route.

Who Does Boat Insurance Cover?

You, your passengers, your water-skiers or tubers, users of other vessels, swimmers, and even people who borrow or use your vessel or equipment can be insured, depending on the policy.

How Can I Save Money on My Boat Insurance?

We work with multiple insurers and can shop around for the best rates, and we can sometimes secure even lower rates for clients who opt for higher deductibles, policy restrictions, vessels equipped with various safety aids and some club memberships.

How Much Does Boat Insurance Cost?

Find out right now by contacting Pearson Insurance! We can arrange a fast quote and answer all your other New Brunswick boat insurance questions without charge or any commitment on your part.

We're also right here in Sussex to provide a full support service including help with claims.

Contact us now at 506-432-1550 and discover why Pearson Insurance is easily your best solution for your New Brunswick boat insurance.