All Terrain Vehicle Insurance for New Brunswick

Whether we like it or not, it is required, by law, in New Brunswick, to register and insure your All-Terrain Vehicle.

The insurance brokers at Pearson Insurance are very familiar with all types of ATV’s. They have the knowledge and the ability to provide the coverage you need and the coverage you want. We cannot only make sure you are legal for the road and the trails, but we can also help you protect the investment you made when buying your vehicle. Anyone who has shopped for an all-terrain vehicle knows that they can be very expensive. Some of them cost as much as a car!! We can help provide coverage for this investment.

When you need to insure your off-road vehicle, you want to know you're dealing with people who know all about them. At Pearson Insurance, we know what is required by law and can offer a number of options tailored to you and at a competitive rate.

Do I Need All Terrain Vehicle Insurance?

The bottom line is YES. If you are going off of your own property in any way, you need Liability protection by law. When it comes to the recreational off road riding in New Brunswick, you need to protect yourself. ATV insurance works the same as insuring your car, truck, motorcycle or snowmobile. The basic coverages are the same. Some people, are only concerned about the other guy, (PLPD or Liability), while there are others who are concerned about if their ATV is involved in an accident and damaged or written off. One of the biggest concerns most people seem to be concerned with is if it is stolen or there is a fire. We can cover those issues.

Your ATV policy can be issued either as a standalone policy or as an addition to your car insurance.

What Does ATV Insurance Cover?

Some elements of New Brunswick ATV insurance are mandatory -- that is, the law requires that you have them.

There are three main components:

  • Third party liability insurance. This protects against the cost of bodily injury and damage to property that you cause. It includes legal costs if you face a lawsuit.
  • There are accident benefits that will respond if you or a passenger get injured in an accident with your ATV.
  • Direct Compensation Property Damage, which provides a level of protection when another rider insured in New Brunswick is responsible for the accident. This is when the policy responds to vehicle damage caused by another person. An example would be when someone else collides with you and it is not your fault.

In addition, you have a number of other insurance coverage options for your all-terrain vehicle, which will considerably enhance your protection (though they're not mandatory). These include:

  • Collision insurance to cover the repair costs of your all-terrain vehicle if it's damaged or lost in an accident you cause. You would have a deductible, just like your car insurance, for the first bit of damage and the policy responds after that.
  • Comprehensive insurance. This provides coverage for your ATV if it's lost or damaged that is not a collision. Such as theft, fire, vandalism or damage by a fallen object. Again, the deductible you choose, would apply.
  • All perils coverage -- this basically covers the above two types of insurance under one deductible.

Pearson Insurance can also provide coverage for your trailer, accessories and other equipment.

What Type of Off-Road Vehicles are Covered?

We can arrange coverage for any type of off-road vehicle including all types of ATV, quad bikes, three wheelers, side-by-sides, six and eight wheeled ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes and buggies.

How Can I Save Money on ATV Insurance?

Start by contacting Pearson Insurance. We may be able to secure discounts for multiple vehicles, multi policy discounts, evidence of safe riding certification, association membership and more.

Your premium may also be reduced if you opt to choose a higher deductible for the collision, comprehensive and fire and theft.

Plus, as we mentioned, as an independent broker, we work with multiple leading insurers in New Brunswick, which enables us to shop for the best coverage at competitive rates.

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