Insurance FAQs

Do you have questions about insurance in New Brunswick?  We have answers!  Check out the commonly asked questions below about Auto Insurance, Home Insurance or just General Insurance.

Auto FAQ

Q:  Does the color of my car make a difference in the price of my insurance?

  • No, the color of the car does not matter.

Q:  Does it cost more to insure my son than it does my daughter?

  • No, gender does not matter in the price of insurance.

Q:  Do we have No Fault Insurance in New Brunswick?

  • No, we still have a system where the person that causes the accident is charged with an at fault accident.

Q:  Do glass claims put my insurance up?

  • No, they are counted as a comprehensive claim but they do not affect your rates.

Q: Can I lend my vehicle to someone?

  • Yes, you can lend your vehicle to someone that does not live with you who has a valid license.  However, if they have an accident, it can be counted against your policy.  (any licensed driver that lives in the home must be listed or have their own policy.)

Q: My insurance card says "truck" but it is an SUV.  Is my insurance still valid?

  • Yes, your insurance is fine.  Many companies group vehicle types together and there is not enough room on the insurance card to type it all out.  If you have the correct VIN number on your vehicle, that is what matters.

Q:  Someone has stolen things from my vehicle.  Does my car insurance cover this?

  • No.  Car insurance only covers the car and attached equipment.  Any contents of your car are covered under a home or tenants policy.

Q:  Is it always 50/50 if there is an accident in a parking lot?

  • NO, especially if your car is parked.  This is a very common myth that stops people from reporting some accidents.  Fault is assigned in a parking lot accident so call your broker to report it. 

Q: Do glass claims put my insurance up? 

  • No, glass claims go under comprehensive.  They are counted as a claim but it does not affect your rates unless the coverage is overused.

Q:  Can I insure my child's vehicle in my name?

  • It is not recommended.  However, you can as long as the insurance and registration read the same.  The child would have to be listed as the driver and rates would reflect their experience.

Q:  Do older drivers pay more?

  • No.  Drivers are rated based on years licensed, not age. 

Home FAQ

Q:  Does my landlord's insurance cover the contents in my apartment?

  • No, if you are renting, you need to have your own insurance for your contents.

Q:  Is my insurance cheaper if I pay off my Mortgage?

  • Yes, most companies offer a mortgage free discount.

Q:  Is it covered if my roof or deck collapses from the weight of snow?

  • It depends on your policy, but is normally covered under a comprehensive package.  Please contact your broker.

General FAQ

Q: Are agents and brokers the same thing?

  • No.  Agents only sell for the one company they work for.  Brokers work with several different companies to buy insurance that best suits your needs.  Plus - we can do the shopping for you so you don't have to!