New Brunswick Privacy or Cyber Breach Insurance

You have seen examples of Privacy Breach in the news regularly in the past.  It has happened to the big box stores, it has happened to the government and just recently, a very visible example is the Ashley Madison incident.  Most small businesses believe they are immune to this problem. They are not. There are statistics that say four out of ten Canadian businesses aren’t even aware their systems have been breached.

What is a privacy breach?

It can include a loss, theft, or unauthorized access to, or use of personal customer information, such as banking information, driver’s numbers, and personal health history, diagnoses and medications.

How can a privacy breach occur?

There are many ways that a breach or an attack can occur:

  • Stolen or lost devices (laptop, phones, storage devices)
  • Unauthorized access to computer system that gave access to or use of personal customer information
  • Theft of paper files holding sensitive personal information

Why do businesses need to protect against a privacy breach?

The threat of cyber risk in Canada is growing. There are reports of cyber crime doubling over a one-year period. In addition to the growth of privacy breaches and media attention, the types of attacks are also wide ranging and constantly evolving. Businesses that handle or store any business, customer or employee data, should be aware that they could be a privacy breach target.

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