New Brunswick Agriculture and Farming Insurance

In-sync with your Growing Agribusiness

Farm Insurance SussexWe all depend on our Sussex and area farmers survival and growth, yet few of us understand the unique challenges facing today's farmers. Their love of the land must be matched by their knowledge of advanced techniques and equipment. Their growing investments of capital must be protected. A commitment to provide comprehensive Farm Insurance to New Brunswick farmers is an important commitment of Pearson Insurance in Sussex. Some types of specialty farming operations we can insure also include:

  • Bee Keeping
  • Christmas Tree Farming
  • Maple Sugar Production
  • Dairy Farming

What's covered in New Brunswick Farm or Agriculture Insurance?

Farming has always been a risky business. Many uncontrollable factors come into play - weather, vermin, or other natural catastrophes - that can destroy crops, livestock, buildings and equipment. These types of losses can put the farmer in a bad financial situation. A variety of Farm Insurance options are available to farmers so they can receive compensation in the event of such losses that can be catastrophic.

  • Loss of Farm Income
  • Buildings - Barns, Houses, Machine Sheds.
  • Livestock Insurance - The raising and farming of livestock can be risky. Some challenges that farmers face are - fluctuating market prices, reduced yields (as in dairy farming), and the sickness or death of your animals. Livestock insurance can help protect your cows, pigs, horses goats, chickens and sheep.
  • Farmers Liability - provides liability for your farming operations (including tractor liability)
  • Custom Farming - those who use their own equipment for others away from your farm premises for compensation

A Constant in an Unpredictable World

Farm Insurance SussexIf you are operating your farm with computerized equipment, have you thought to insure it? This includes soil, weather and crop sensors.

Are you protected for a financial loss? How about being covered for lost earnings while a part of your business is being restored?

What about something as seemingly innocuous as a hayride or a haunted house occasionally offered at the farm to generate some extra income? If someone is hurt at one of those events, a standard farm insurance policy will not cover it. That could make you the target of a lawsuit you are left unprotected to defend.

Insurance people call these “protection gaps.” Farm operations possess the potential for a lot of them. And any missing sliver of protection not adequately addressed could cost you money, time or even your farm!

If you are uncertain about what your policy covers; if you have altered your farm processes or are concerned about increasing weather risks to your crops, contact Pearson Insurance. There you will discover farm insurance brokers who will make sure your farm operations stay protected by staunch insurance. In your unpredictable world, we will be your constant.

Pearson Insurance: Your Agriculture and Farming Insurance Specialist

Customers of Pearson Insurance can expect excellent service from our local independent commercial department. We are dedicated to help safeguard your future in farming today. Learn more about your options for Farm Insurance coverage by filling out Get a Quote Form right away. Get a free quote from one of our experienced brokers and don't go another minute without the best possible protection available!

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