Custom Commercial Property Insurance in New Brunswick

Commercial property insurance is an important investment in the security and continuity of your business. That's not just the bricks and mortar -- you may not even own those -- but also everything that goes with them.

In Sussex and beyond, many businesses already rely on Pearson Insurance to provide that protection. We specialize in all types of business insurance and have the expertise and experience to meet your commercial property coverage needs. Here's why…

What Is Commercial Property Insurance?

It's a key business insurance policy that covers buildings and/or a wide range of building contents. It also protects against loss of business arising from an insured event.

Insured events include fire, theft, vandalism, earthquakes, certain water damage, ice storms, hurricanes and other perils.

Some policies list the actual perils covered ("named perils"), while others cover “all risks” except those that are specifically excluded in the policy.

Your Pearson Insurance specialist will explain and help you decide on this.

What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

First and foremost, business property insurance can protect the structure of your premises. But it extends way beyond that.

For example, it can include:

  • All the contents, including equipment, furniture and inventory
  • Employee and visitor personal property while on the premises
  • Your tools, equipment and inventory in transit or on another work site
  • Business interruption after an insured loss, including the cost of temporarily relocating or other expenses
  • Signage, parking lots, fencing and landscaping.
  • Infrastructure like lighting, wiring, plumbing and heating.

Do I Need Commercial Property Insurance If I Lease My Building or Run a Home Business?

Almost certainly, yes.

If you rent your building, the owner will likely be responsible just for the structure. The contents and any changes you've made to it are normally your responsibility.

The same applies if you run a business from home. Some items could be protected under your home insurance policy but those specifically linked to your business may need commercial property insurance.

Again, your Pearson Insurance business experts will be able to advise you on this.

How Much Does Business Property Insurance Cost?

Cost depends on a number of factors including the type of business, its location, whether you own or lease the building, and the insured value of the building and/or contents, plus several other factors.

But there's more to it than that…

Why Pearson Insurance?

When you come to Pearson Insurance for your commercial property insurance coverage, you'll be working with an independent broker that, in turn, works with leading, reputable insurance companies.

This enables us to shop around for the most competitive coverage in terms of rates, scope of policies and discounts. If you have other insurance policies or needs, we may be able to reduce costs even more for you.

Furthermore, because our commercial property insurance program is scalable and flexible according to your priorities, that means we can tailor your coverage to meet your needs and budget. And because we're local, we know and understand various factors, including local factors that may affect property insurance in New Brunswick.

Plus, we're right here to answer your questions, provide guidance on risk management, and help you if and when you need to make a claim.

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