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As independent brokers, we work with leading, reputable, insurance companies to provide customized coverage for auto insurance clients right across the province. We are able assess or review your type of business, discuss what coverage you need, and check with our insurance companies to find you the best price and present our available payment options.

Understanding Commercial Auto Insurance

The basics of commercial vehicle insurance are similar to those for private car ownership, but can have different limits and typically higher levels of coverage.

The law requires you to have, as a minimum, third party liability insurance to cover you against injuries or damage you or your drivers cause to others. It follows the same guidelines as your personal insurance would.

Then you have a number of additional, optional coverages such as:

  • Collision, to cover the cost of damage to your own vehicles.
  • Comprehensive insurance for non-collision damage or loss to your vehicles including theft.
  • Coverage for rental vehicles while yours is being repaired.
  • Coverage for when a third party at-fault driver turns out to be uninsured or underinsured.

Special coverage is available if your business involves transporting people, for example through a taxi, limo or bus service.

Your Questions Answered

What types of commercial vehicle can be covered?

Basically, any type of vehicles used for commercial purposes, from a regular sedan to a full-blown semi-truck.

That range includes delivery vans, box trucks and pick-ups, as well as trailers.

Covered vehicles can be owned or leased by your business or by employees if they use their own autos for the business, such as making deliveries or sales calls.

We can also provide cargo insurance.

Does personal car insurance cover me to use my vehicle for work?

Almost certainly not. In fact, if you use your own car for work, you will need to let your broker know, and usually the rating of your policy can be adjusted to account for the business use or you will be advised we need to rate this commercially. If you are involved in an accident and it is discovered that you use the vehicle for work, there is a chance that the claim could be denied. Keep your peace of mind and if you use your vehicle for any part of your job or business call and speak with your broker.

How much does commercial auto insurance coverage cost?

That naturally depends on the number, the types of vehicles and the type of business the vehicles are used for and the way the vehicles are used. The driving records, driving convictions and any accidents of yourself and of your employees will also be taken into account.

Taking all this into consideration, it is what we do every day. Our links to multiple insurance companies enables us to secure highly competitive rates and discounts for your commercial vehicles.

Do I need fleet insurance?

Generally, if you have eight, ten, or more vehicles, insuring them under a fleet policy could make sense. It could be cheaper. You will definitely need to have that conversation with your broker. A fleet can be cheaper and it can also be easier to administer. You would have multiple vehicles insured with just one renewal date.

Let the professionals at Pearson Insurance advise you on this.

Does commercial auto insurance cover personal use?

Yes, you are normally protected when driving a commercial vehicle for personal use. However, other members of your household, with a license will probably need to be noted as drivers. Again, a discussion with your broker will clear all of that up for you!

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