7 Winter Safe Driving Tips

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Driving Tips

The winter season is upon us and soon the snow will start to fall.  We wanted to pass along a couple of tips to help keep you safe when driving this winter.

1.  Consider buying winter tires.  These tires are made specifically for winter driving conditions.  Check your tires for bulging, cracking and check the tire pressure.

2.  Put in the windshield wash that is rated for -10 degrees.  If you are in an area where temperatures are even colder, you can get windshield wash good for up to -20 degrees.

3.  Ensure that your coolant is between the minimum and maximum markers and make sure there is enough anti-freeze in your coolant.  If you are unsure how to check or what to look for, contact your mechanic, dealership, or check your manual.

4.  Check your wiper blades for damage.

5.  If you get stuck, place a rubber floor mat under your tire to get some traction.

6.  Take the time to clear all your windows before you start your traveling.  Remember, there could be people walking and you want to make sure you can see all around you to keep everyone safe.

7.  And finally, don't forget about clearing the roof of your car.  Sudden stops can cause ice and snow to come crashing down on to your window or someone behind you.

Wishing everyone a safe and trouble free winter driving season!


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  1. Toco Warranty's avatar Toco Warranty
    These are some wonderful tips for safe driving . I think avoiding driving in the winter time if it is possible is a good option. But if you need to drive in the winter time always be prepared to face difficulties. Prepare your vehicle and keep a emergency kit in your vehicle at all times. Before driving you should have a look at the weather conditions and plan about the route.
    Reply Friday, July 1, 2016 2:25 AM
  2. Thomson John's avatar Thomson John
    Hello Team,

    Thanks for sharing your informative words on safe driving. Above discussion about the safe driving tips in winter are really fabulous and helpful for all winter drivers to drive their journey safely through winter road condition. Informative stuff.....keep it up.......I would also like to share some driving related stuff with your fabulous readers. Please also check ......Ways to drive safely in rain and wind......


    Thomson John
    Reply Friday, January 4, 2019 4:46 AM

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